Thematic painting with refer to haft seen table

Thematic painting with refer to haft seen table

Kid’s painting reflects their inner feelings.

One should consider the kid painting continuously in order to analyze & judge the work. In this way, the kid inner feelings become understandable.

In each painting every form, symbol or color presents a person’s feeling or a spiritual quality. If the kid’s surrounding is more complex and various, she may achieve higher level of mental abilities.

In this regard, thematic painting gives children the best ideas.

Considering national cohesion as well as life-giving sense to a nation, we need to keep alive and cherish fine and ancient traditions.

One of the traditions is “Norooz” & “Haft seen” table.

We asked the kid to paint her mental image according to the explanations have been given on haft seen table elements.


Thematic painting with refer to haft seen table


The Purpose Of This Technique

One of the main tasks of the children coach is a lot of emphasis on maintaining culture, customs & traditions.

Moreover, a coach makes use of this technique to draw children attention to surrounding. As a result, she can encourage them in reviewing traditions & developing their creativity.


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