Scratching on oil pastel Technique

Scratching on oil pastel technique

Scratching on oil pastel technique , The first experiences of doodling , controlled or uncontrolled, are instinctive actions.

But the next step can be persuaded by painting which includes fingers, hands, arms and body movements.

One of the best materials for painting is oil pastel which is drawn on cardboard; because it is oily and soft, it sticks easily on the paper.


Painting Supplies :

Different kinds of crayon or oil pastels

Various coated cardboards

Sharp-pointed and safe tools for scratching like mechanical pencils

Scratching on oil

Instruction :

First he draws his favorite sketch on easily marked surface like cardboard by his desired except for black and dark colors.

After painting the whole surface, cover the colored lines with black color and then by scratching technique nice colorful images appear.

The Purpose of this Technique :

The aim is to get to know the first and maybe the best way for children to draw which is oil pastel and to use the surface in the way that the whole surface is being involved;

meaning that the child has to use the whole page for drawing and by using the black color, the child is engaged with destruction.

Finally he finds out there is no destruction in art.

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