Preface Training of Children's Painting

Preface Training of Children’s Painting

Preface Training of Children’s Painting , The tendency towards painting appears in human being from his early childhood. It is said that we are born with it. All of us have doodled something on the walls before going to kindergarten.

If you have children at home, you can notice this instinctive tendency. A pencil and a sheet of paper are the things which can entertain the child for hours, and also activate his imagination and creativity.

Children draw important pictures which are strange to us, while these odd pictures are the first and simplest reaction of their minds and senses in contact with their environment.

A child tries to show us his surroundings the way he feels, not the way we see or know traditionally. Parents do not take children’s doodling seriously and even children refrain from playing with pens and paints. However, this innate reaction is the child’s first step to know the facts and establish communication with others.

He talks in this way and shows what he feels and what he is not able to express verbally, by lines and colors. Reading this visual alphabet is not easy and understanding it by most people is difficult.
There is no doubt that painting is not only for entertaining children, but also a way for them to find out their real roles in the world and develop their personalities.

It is necessary to mention that the aim of teaching painting before primary school is not to train an artist, although the tutor recognizes the talent of some of the children.

The first duty of a good and aware tutor is to persuade children and pay attention to their mental improvement.
We hope that the instructions mentioned in this book help tutors flourish children’s talents effectively.


  1. Jean Van says:

    What a great idea! We’v avoided the big canvases because of cost. I never thought about just painting over some from the thrift store.

  2. jenifer says:

    We paint on small canvases frequently, but didn’t try the big ones due to cost. I never thought of painting over a used canvas! Genius!

  3. chery meri says:

    Love all the pics and your girls are so big. Beautiful work space too xo

  4. micheal says:

    I really want my girls to work on a large painting like this . I love how this turned out!

  5. sherman says:

    You may consider, in future, using paints suitable for small children.

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