Painting with refer to microbes

Painting with refer to microbes & making handcrafts

Different ways of playing with colors have been introduced through painting techniques.

Meanwhile, there are many simple things that one is able to paint with.

Using different objects encourage kids’ creativity to flourish.

Furthermore, they greatly enjoy it when play with colors.

Giving kids a topic, we may ask them to think and envisage so that they are able to process thoughts in order to build a creative work.

For instance, we ask kids what are the microbes? Where do the microbes live?

What shape is a microbe or what color is it?

In this way, we encourage the kids to think critically on the subject so that the results will be wonderful.

We can ask the kids to find some stones in different places such as river’s edge or the foot of a mountain.

Then, look at them from different corners and try to distinguish what they closely resemble.

After that, the kids start to color their mental image of stones vividly.


Painting with refer to microbes & making handcrafts


The Purpose Of This Technique

the importance of making handcraft is the process of making, not the result.

Making handcrafts empower children’s hands, skills and at the same time, it stretches their imagination.

Moreover, they learn that waste materials have other usages.


Painting with refer to microbes & making handcrafts

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