History and Theoretical Study of Children’s Painting

History and Theoretical Study

History and Theoretical Study of Children’s Painting , New studies on children’s painting have begun since nineteen century. A great part of it was reviewed thoroughly by Harris in 1963. It seems lots of researchers have thought their painting is a form of a picture imagined in their mind, so their paintings are windows toward the world of their thoughts and feelings.

Child and his surroundings

Children all over the world have a lot of common characteristics. Before being influenced and formed by their special environments, they react similarly to natural or artificial stimulants. They laugh, cry and feel happy by seeing colorful things and they are sensitive to kind voices.
Young children at the same age all around the world draw almost similarly.

They start with doodling to drawing simple figures and then special and natural pictures.
Children are not similar.

Even identical twins who are mistaken for each other have different reactions towards their surroundings, and possess various mental talents.

Children’s individual characteristics should be regarded as the main factor for guiding their art tutors, meaning that the tutors should not even expect children of the same age, the same sensitivities, skills and interpretations.As children have various interests, they have to take part in different art programs.
They need to be understood , persuaded and led by a kind tutor in their learning environments.

They improve in making friends, and progress toward constructive and mental competitions.

Children have to enjoy tranquility, self- confidence, inquisitiveness and curiosity, and learning environments at home and school.


Since children are different , it is not easy to judge frankly about their behaviors.
As they grow up in different situations with different experiences, teachers have to consult not only with their parents , but also with psychologists, anthropologists , tutors, doctors , sociologists who are specialized in different age groups in order to learn their attitudes.


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