Collage is a technique of an art production where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different items like paper, textiles, woolen yarns, buttons, straws and etc. and sometimes glued to a piece of paper or canvas, thus creating a new whole.

It is an affordable and inexpensive technique in art which stimulates children’s imagination and creativity effectively.


Magazine or newspaper clippings, bits of colored papers, cloth, buttons, straws







First method:

The child draws his desired picture or part of it on the paper and then glues other items to complete the design by collaging.

Second method:

The child glues different items on the paper and creates his desired picture.


There are plenty of different items available around the child which can be used to create many beautiful artworks. We have to ask the child to pay a very close attention to his surroundings and discover new items and assemble them to make innovative works by means of his imagination and creativity.



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