Creating beauty on blackness

Bahareh Jalavand • A successful artist painting on suede! • Creating beauty on blackness! Watching from a distance, it seems like a carpet; a black carpet on which vibrant colors flaunt ostentatiously. The more closely you approach, the more deeply you believe what you see is a carpet. But your eyes can easily deceive you and make you think an artistic painting on suede is a vintage carpet. Respina Rad , pursues one of the most challenging techniques, painting on suede which few people would dare. Born in 1994, she is a young and successful artist. Let’s hobnob with the young artist and get to know her better. Everything begins in childhood. We, humans, all are bestowed some innate and unique gifts which have to be discovered and nurtured during childhood. Respina Rad is one of those talented people who started painting when she was very young. She says “I was really interested in painting and have been painting since I was ten. Where we lived was a big house surrounded by many subjects to paint. When my parents learned about my special talent, they enrolled me in a painting class. When I was just sixteen, I drew Conte and Chiaroscuro sketches for sale.” She continues “since painting is an expensive field, my mother wanted me to give up my painting classes and concentrate on my school subjects. Heartbroken, I went to see my painting teacher, MS. Hafezi, in a hot summer day at Aftab Gallery located in Zargandeh Cultural Center and I told her that my family wouldn’t pay for my classes anymore. But she let me attend the classes without paying the tuition fee, just because she knew I have what it takes. And Mr. Karimian who was the education administrator at that center accepted my free attendance. Thus, I owe my success to these wonderful people.” Successful people are the ones who attempt constantly and stop by no obstacles in their path. They have a strong and intrinsic motivation to succeed and never waste their precious time. The talented artist who is one of those says “I love to be financially independent. Holding an exhibition is generally considered to be irksome; however, Respina Rad absolutely adores showcasing her paintings and selling her works is of less importance to her. She adds “I kept drawing and eventually I held my first group show which presented pastel techniques in 2010. The audience loved the exhibition and even some of my paintings were sold. And this strengthened my motivation for art.” She mentions “Since oil paintings are easily sold in higher prices, I decided to focus on oil techniques. Then I experienced working with gouache, water color, ink and acrylic painting. In 2013, I hosted my second exhibition at Melal Cultural Center and sold most of my works for best prices. In 2014, when I was sent to Erbil, Iraq as an interpreter, I learned that paintings are sold for much higher prices there. I showed the photos of my paintings on suede to the administrator of Art school in Erbil. Luckily he liked them very much and agreed on holding an exhibition. Iraqis liked the show a lot and they were surprised how a young Iranian girl hosted a solo exhibition in Erbil.” The artist adds “afterwards, I had a charity exhibition for war-stricken children with the help of ORCO organization and my paintings were sold for the highest prices. I had an interview with the media and even some top officials visited the show. It was a great experience and I hope charities in Iran cooperate for holding such exhibitions.” A massive and stunning success The joy of success is tangible for the ones who have experienced it before, and they are not usually satisfied with the first victory and seek for more triumphs like the young artist. She says “recently, a company based in Dubai has decided to design some of my paintings on suede using Swarovski elements. I personally think that I still have a long way to go.” I usually run short of time. Establishing regular schedules and clever plans are the keys to success and allow you to multitask. Respina tries to arrange her time perfectly to perform even other tasks. She says “during the day, I teach painting for some hours and even I devote some time to paint. Painting on suede is really challenging and if you make a mistake, you have to redo the whole from the very beginning. Sometimes, I have to spend twelve or thirteen hours for painting just one part of my work.” She continues “I am very keen on languages and study English for some years. Besides painting, I like music and play the piano for almost five years. Collecting antiques and changing them to photo frames are among my hobbies. And I love reading books. I even do household chores. I sometimes think that I need to do more tasks in a day, but I run short of time. I believe that people have to manage their time carefully to accomplish their goals.” How to become an artist? So many people may like art, but they don’t know what path they have to take. To become an artist, one must have what it takes. The young artist says “in order to improve in painting, you have to possess an exceptional talent. But what is more important is passion. People of great passion would become distinguished artists even with having just a mediocre talent. Patience and perseverance are other keys to succeed. No one can paint without perfect composure. I think, one should work with various painting methods and then seriously follows the ones they like.”